Fritz Schuler A Celebration   Of American       Traditional            Music

 Fritz Schuler's performances have been called "A celebration of American Traditional Music" and rightly so. Schuler is a music historian, teacher, and performer of  American rural folk music.

 The songs that live in Fritz Schuler's head were written a  long, long time ago. They are the soul of the country, born in the hearts of railroaders, hobos, outlaws, poor dirt farmers and lonesome cowboys. Songs about men and women who lived in tougher times than these. As a keeper of the flame, Schuler has found the old 78's and listened to the scratchy sounds of old time jug bands, Hillbilly bands, blues singers and the wandering minstrel  poets of the Great Depression. He has spent  a great part  of the last forty years searching out, and learning from, some of the finest folk performers around and  has learned to play  country ballads, dulcimer tunes and banjo breakdowns in the styles of their originators, composers  like the legendary Woody Guthrie, the great blues innovator Blind Willie McTell,

 time banjo tune or sings a long forgotten folksong or wraps his fingers around his guitar to coax out the blues it comes not only from a man who knows the music, but from one who loves it. Listening to him is always a pleasure."


 Schuler has performed all over the Midwest, at countless libraries, historical societies, colleges, museums, schools, banquets and coffeehouses. Taking American Folk Music across the ocean, he  was a headline performer at the 1994 Seafest in Japan. Other notable performances include a Woody Guthrie tribute with Guthrie's sister, Mary Jo Edgmon. He has also been featured with the popular touring NPR radio show "Whad 'Ya Know" with Michael Feldman.  

 A brief, and very incomplete performance listing include: The North Country Folk Festival (Ironwood, Mi.); The Clayville Folk Festival (Springfield, Ill.); The Neville Museum (Green Bay, WI),  The Great River Traditional Folk Festival (LaCrosse, WI.); The Wisconsin Maritime Museum (Manitowoc, WI.), The Alder House (Liberyville, Ill.); The 19th Street Coffeehouse (Milwaukee, WI.); Silver Lake College (Manitowoc, WI), Prairie Grapevine Folklore Society Concert Series( Springfield

 ,Ill.) The John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan, WI.); The Cafe Carpe (Fort Atkinson, WI.); The Clipper City Folk Festival (Manitowoc, WI) The Blue Whale Coffeehouse (Green Bay, WI.); The Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.) The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

and hillbilly songwriter Charlie Poole who ran moonshine in the mountains of North Carolina during the 1920's..

 In performance, this time capsule is opened before you, you'll hear Appalachian Ballads, Banjo reels, dusty hobo songs, lonesome, black country blues, and much more -- all entertainingly woven together with background and stories to make history come alive.

        WHAT THEY SAY:
Tom Martin-Erickson founder of Wisconsin Public Radio's Simply Folk has called him the state's  "major link to the folk revival."  Bill Rintz, host of "Folk Festival" on Springfield, Illinois NPR radio Station WUIS says Schuler is "One of the most versatile performers of American Folk Music in the Midwest. He puts the lie to the old cliche: he's something of a jack- of- all trades of American traditional styles, and a master of them as well"  
Sing Out! Magazine columnist Dan Keding states: "When Fritz Schuler plays an old

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